Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update: Giving Myself Permission To Write it didn't go as planned. I guess I'm not quite ready to take up this advice. I started looking at my draft, and it's a mess.

There are scenes still written in third person pov/past tense, current scenes written in first person pov/present tense, scenes that have been planned but are unwritten, and gaping plot holes. Not to mention I still have no idea how this will end (okay, I have have some ideas - too many - that's the problem).

I've decided that the best way to clean this up is to move through the draft scene by scene from the beginning until all the scenes are written and updated, this time without looking back at scenes once I complete them.

Then I can read the first draft completely and figure out what issues need to be fixed.

The article still did some good though: it pushed me to start working on my draft again, something I haven't done in about a week.

Well, off to write!

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