Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Revisiting My 2014 Resolutions

At the end of 2013 I made 5 resolutions for 2014.

Was I successful at meeting them? I'd say both yes and no. Here's why:

Resolution #1: Finish TGITP

I did not meet this resolution. However, at the beginning of last year I had only about half of the book written, and not very well. Throughout this year I've rewritten the first half (getting rid of a lot and writing a lot) and I've done a lot of research into story structure and character development that's helped me write.

Resolution #2: Query at least one agent

I really shouldn't have made this resolution, since it hinges on me completing the first one early, and perfecting a query letter.

Resolution #3: Attend a conference or workshop and give someone a business card

While I didn't meet this resolution, I did join/start a writing critique group in February. We started with 5 members and we're now down to 2, but we've met and critiqued a scene or chapter from each other's WIP almost every week since then. It's really helped to keep me writing and keep me accountable this year.

Resolution #4: Read 52 books. (Unless 5 are the GOT series, aka what happened to me in 2013)

Now here's a resolution I not only met, but exceeded! I read 65 books this year. Woo!

Resolution #5: (This is somewhat of a given) Graduate college.

Of course I did meet this resolution. Not only that, but I also got a full time job teaching 4th grade.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate my successfulness at about a 7. I really could have finished my WIP if I'd put my mind to it.

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