Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break Goal - Write 8 Scenes

A break from work and school should mean more time for writing, right? Somehow it doesn't usually work out that way. I'm determined to make this break different.

My goal this week is to write 8 scenes in TGITP.

After 6 scenes I'll finish the second quarter of the first draft, and I'll have to outline and plan the third quarter before writing the other 2 scenes. I plan to write 2 scenes a day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, outline on Thursday, and write 1 scene a day on Thursday and Friday. Ambitious, but I can do it.

I'm going to update this blog post as I go, to keep myself accountable (though who knows if anyone will ever read this besides me).

Here we go!

Monday, 1:40pm
Starting now!

Update: Monday, 2:35pm
1,262 words and 1 scene written. Short break to do some chores around the house and then back to it.

Update: Monday, 8:50pm
Starting again...

Update: Monday, 9:40pm
543 words and 1 more scene written. Now to bed! (Or really, now to go read for two hours and then to bed...)

Update: Wednesday, 1:33pm
So sometimes life gets in the way. Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day, as well as my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend, so not much writing got done. Therefore, change in plans! I'm going to try to write three scenes today, one scene (and outline) tomorrow, and two scenes on Friday. Here we go!

Update: Wednesday, 2:43pm
Whew, tough scene. 642 words and 1 more scene complete. Off to do some things around the house, and then I'll be back!

Update: Wednesday, 4:00pm
"If I crash I'll begin again"

Update: Wednesday, 4:30pm
647 words and 1 more scene! That one was easy because it was mostly just rewriting a scene I wrote awhile ago. Now for dinner and some anniversary celebrating, then I'll be back at it tonight.

Update: Thursday, 12:06pm
Decided I was too tired last night to write another scene. I always used to think I was a night owl, but I've learned in the past few years that I'm more of an early bird. Fortunately, since it's spring break, I can take advantage of that and write in the morning. Here we go...

Update: Thursday, 12:46pm
Got sucked into a email/name googling black hole. Now I'm really starting.

Update: Thursday, 2:41pm
God, it's like pulling teeth today. 670 words and 1 more scene complete. Time to read and take a nap.

Update: Friday, 3:00pm
Saw Insurgent this morning. Love. Now for writing, writing, writing...

Update: Friday, 3:56pm
FINISHED WITH THE FIRST HALF! I wrote 1,234 words (yes really) and 1 more scene. I also decided that the scene I was going to end this half with will do better later on. Therefore, I am officially finished drafting the first half of TGITP. I still have 2 more scenes to write this week, so later I'll do some outlining.

Final Update:
So that's it. 5,025 words and 6 scenes. I didn't totally meet my goal, but I did finish the first half so yay!

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