Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I'm Reading Wednesday - Unspoken, You Can Buy Happiness, and Death by Food Pyramid

I'm writing to you from CAMT 2015 in Houston!

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

I joined a book club and this is the first book we're reading. I don't think I would have heard of it otherwise! I am LOVING this main character's voice. She's funny. Not only do I laugh at her weird jokes and phrases, but the other characters laugh and it feels totally natural. Plus there's some great mystery and bad boy tension, as well as a little dab of supernatural. Mmmm. 

You Can Buy Happiness (and It's Cheap) by Tammy Strobel

Not the best how-to minimalist book, but the anecdotes keep me inspired and in the minimalist mindset. 

Death by Food Pyramid by Denise Minger

I'm not reading this one as much as the minimalist book, mostly because it's a little heavy on the technical side for me to read before bed. However, I've already learned a lot of fascinating facts about the politics that went into creating the food pyramid. 

No audio book this week because I've had a sudden Harry Potter craving and put the first one on hold at the library. Now I'm waiting...

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