Works In Progress


Title: WAKE UP
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Stage in Progress: Day Dreaming, Note Jotting
Description: Her job is to take and give life, not to ask questions. Everyone dreams, but no one sleeps. Or is there nothing but sleep? She may soon be forced to wake up.

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Stage in Progress: Outlining
Description: Rayne Gibson isn't ready for her sister to get married, or to fall in love with the obnoxious tourist at her job on a deep sea fishing boat, but both are happening this summer.

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Stage in Progress: Querying
Description: Before she was taken, all seventeen-year-old Evita Creedy wanted was a prestigious job with the Environmental Impact Agency, where she interns. Boys? Friends? Not for her. She knows better than to get too attached. Then she finds documents about a secret underground research facility run by her boss, Secretary Sheer. To keep her from leaking the secret Sheer traps her in the facility. Now all she wants is to escape.

Short Fiction

Title: Mr. Whitaker
Genre: Horror
Word Count: 2760
Stage in Progress: Revising

Title: The Pumpkin Patch
Genre: Mainstream Fiction
Word Count: 1795
Stage in Progress: Revising

Title: Jade
Genre: Fantasy
Stage in Progress: Drafting

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